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Fibreline’s exciting new 2024 announcements.

Fibreline, a leading UK provider of cushion fillings and foam conversions for the upholstery industry is thrilled to share some exciting news about Fibreline's latest developments!


Due to significant increase in demand for our services we have recently been granted planning permission for a massive 14,000 square foot extension to our main facilities in Keighley. This extension will not only provide us with much-needed space to expand our operations, but it also signifies our commitment to growth and innovation in the industry. With this expansion, we will be able to meet the increasing demands

of our customers and further establish ourselves as a leader in the market. This strategic move will enable the addition of new cutting edge machinery to be installed for Dacron and insulator parts, consequently increasing our foam cutting capacity to greater levels.


But that's not all! alongside the extension, Fibreline is also investing heavily in our staff and facilities. We are proud to announce that we will be hiring additional skilled personnel to support our growing operations. This investment in our team is crucial for us to maintain the highest quality standards and ensure that we continue to deliver exceptional products and services.


Furthermore, we are also excited to reveal that Fibreline is undergoing a rebranding process. As part of this transformation, we will be unveiling a new brand corporate logo and encore product branding that reflects our core values and business aspirations. This rebranding effort is not just about changing our image; it represents our commitment to staying relevant and innovative in the industry. We believe that this fresh new look will resonate with our customers and demonstrate our dedication to continuous improvement.

Welcome to the all new multilayered comfort core icon of Fibreline, representing our diverse range of comfort filling products and services in the furniture upholstery industry. The scatter cushion, which is fondly reminiscent of  Fibrelines previous brand icon, has now been adopted by our Encore range of products. The Encore brand mark features a sleek and modern design, accompanied by complementary colour coding for easy identification of different materials.

Looking ahead, our ethos is encapsulated by our new tagline, "First for Comfort." This isn't just a catchy phrase; it embodies Fibreline's ultimate goal of delivering exceptional comfort to our customers.

Over the course of 2024 several new marketing materials will be developed and readily available should you need them. We welcome the opportunity to help us spread the news to the world, please contact your local sales representative for more details.

The present:

Fibreline would like to invite you to experience our new collection of sustainable products, services and our new brand image at the BFM Furniture Components show in Telford on April 24-25th 2024.

Overall, these developments are a testament to Fibreline's commitment to excellence and growth. We are confident that the extension, investment in the latest machinery, skilled staff, and rebranding efforts will position us for even greater success in the future. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to continuing to serve our valued customers with the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Richard Prudhoe

Managing Director

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