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Cushion and Foam Conversion Supplier


Fibreline comfort collection.

Suitable for all shapes, sizes & sitting positions


Fibreline is a pioneering cushion manufacturer with a range of fillings to suit all price points and applications. Standard single filling options to high performance combination fillings, tested and accredited to FIRA Gold certification.


There’s no general industry rating system for cushion fillings, so 

Fibreline uses a basic system to try and explain the relative look, performance and maintenance requirements. 


Grades are based on independent studies and our experience on what makes the upholstery cushions comfortable.

Fibreline’s simple to follow comfort grade system is designed based on cushion resilience over time. 




Plump Regularly 

in Use


Comfort Style



Plump Regularly 

in Use


Comfort Style


Feather Encore 

(3 Fillings)

Plump Regularly 

in Use


Comfort Style


Foam & 



No Plumping  



Comfort Style




No Plumping



Comfort Style


Feather Encore 

(2 Fillings)

Plump Regularly 

in Use


Comfort Style

Fibre Encore

Plump Weekly


Comfort Style

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comfort collection

Click between tabs to see each of the cushion offerings we produce. 

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Multi pocketed feather filled

jacket for natural comfort.

High grade foam core for improved

resilience and performance.


Fibreline’s traditional comfort 

cushion experience!

Encore Feather cushion, design charm meets comfort.  


Feather and foam combination seat cushion, a must-have for those seeking natural comfort and performance. The natural filling cushion look exudes a vintage charm and appeal.

Experience the luxuriously soft feel of ethically sourced feathers, carefully encased within a multi pocketed construction for enhanced support and durability. The inclusion of high-quality duck feathers ensures optimal comfort, while a seating density foam insert allows for improved cushion recovery.

Designed to bring character to your upholstery, indulge in the plushness of the Encore Feather-filled cushion. 


All Fibreline cushions are manufactured 

in our state-of-the-art UK factory based 

in Yorkshire.




Custom-made design options available.



- Ethically sourced feathers.

- Choice of cambric or downproof 

   interliner fabric covers. 

- High density performance seating foam.

- Customisable design layers.

- Shabby chic / vintage charm design.

- Natural look.


Rotate and plump cushion regularly to 

maintain long-life.




Fibreline has distribution infrastructure 

that covers all of the UK and Ireland.


Our cushions have all received Firagold 

certificates meeting the requirements 

of fire and safety regulations 1988.

Same comfort that you come to expect 

from encore but greener for the planet!

Introducing Encore blue’s sustainable range of products. Encore cushion performance with sustainability desires at its heart. Working with like- minded supply partners, Fibreline are developing a range of cushions using increasingly sustainable raw materials. Manufactured in our facilities, where 20% of electricity is generated on-site. Products are designed with future recycling in mind, ensuring the potential of a full  product life-cycle.


Embrace our environmentally friendly cushion comfort range without compromising on quality or style.


Comforting feeling for you and the planet!

All Origin™ products contain sustainably sourced plant-based polyol such as soy and castor oil as an alternative to petrochemical-based feedstocks.


Castor Oil benefits:

Castor oil is often used in medicine and skincare due to its natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities.


Soy based polyol benefits:

Combustion Modified Ether (CME) foam products infused with soy oil-based polyols achieve the high standard of fire safety requirements set by the UK and Irish regulators.

Orbis™ is a new revolutionary collection of sustainable PU foams made from polyols sourced from recycled post-consumer foam mattresses. Orbis™ foam is Europe’s first flexible polyurethane (PU) foam made with recycled raw materials.

Featuring Vita Foam Materials


All feathers are ethically  sourced and are a bi-product of the meat industry. All feathers are washed and treated with steam at 145ºC and then dried before use to ensure any bacteria or living micro-organisms are removed.

GRS certified polyester fibre is derived from recycled single use plastics such as water bottles, straws, cutlery, food containers and other items are reprocessed through specialist treatments to produce a new polyester staple raw material fibre.


On average one single sofa cushion uses the equivalent of 100 plastic bottles, that’s 100 bottles not going to landfill or polluting our oceans.


Additionally, Fibreline are working closely with our supply chain to ensure we provide GRS* certified fabrics where possible and RDS* certified feathers can be sourced. These sustainable initiatives are becoming increasingly important and Fibreline are ready to work with our partners in the introduction of such practices to the market.  

* GRS: Global Recycling Scheme  -  RDS: Responsible Down Standard

Comfort collection overview

Material overview

Fabric Types

Non – Woven Fabric (Corovin)

Designed to be used with polyester fibre filling for cushions that are intended for use in furniture on which the visible fabric has been FR treated to BS 5852 Schedule 5.


Interliner Twill Fabric

Designed to be used with polyester fibre filling for cushions that are intended for use in furniture on which the visible fabric has not been FR treated to BS 5852 Schedule 5.


Polycotton Cambric Fabric

Designed to be used with feather filling for cushions that are intended for use in furniture on which the visible fabric has been FR treated to BS 5852 Schedule 5.


The structure of this 

fabric combined with a calendering process produces a low air permeability, that prevents feather migration through the fabric. Small degree of migration sometimes appear over time.


Downproof Interliner

Twill Fabric

Designed to be used with feather filling for cushions that are intended for use in furniture on which the visible fabric has not been FR treated to BS 5852 Schedule 5.


The structure of this fabric combined with a calendering process produces a low air permeability, that prevents feather migration through the fabric. Small degree of migration sometimes appear over time.


Fibre Types


Premium Seating Fibre


• Advanced 3D helicoidal fibre blend for

   superior resilience. 

• 15 Denier / 64mm staple length.


• Slick, non siliconised finish.


• Virgin Hollow fibre.


• Long Lasting performance helps maintain look and shape.



FibreFill Blue 


GRS Certified Seating Fibre


• Conventional Saw Tooth crimp fibre.


• Excellent for use in roll carded fibre back

   cushions, and feather fibre mix seat



• 12 Dtex / Hollow / Non Siliconised


85% of the raw material used in producing Fillwell fibres are recycled plastic bottles, thereby producing a quality product with very tangible 

environmental credentials.


Polyurethane Foam

All our foam is sourced from recognised and approved suppliers.


All foam products are produced to Fibreline’s tight specifications and undergo stringent quality checks at each stage of production.


Non Branded 


Modified Foams


Fibreline can supply a full range of non branded foam grades for any application in Domestic Upholstered Furniture.



Supplier sheets for relevant hardness data on each specific grade option can be provided on request.


All CM Foams pass Schedule 1 Part 1 of the BS 5852 regulations using Ignition Source 5 and a FR polyester cover.

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